Tuesday, January 13, 2015

'Tout est pardonné'?

It seems to me that there is something deeply flawed in the decision to send of the bodies of the murdered French national Jewish people to Israel for burial. Surely this corroborates the misconception in the twisted minds of the murderers, that all Jews worldwide are to be held responsible for the actions of Israel in the oppression Palestinians? French Jews, or British Jews for that matter, are no more responsible for Israeli policy, than ordinary French or British Muslims are responsible for the Charlie Hebdo murders, or than Christians are for the actions of Anders Breivik.

So, why oh why, have the families of the innocent people tragically killed in the Kosher supermarket sent this message to jehadists everywhere? They're saying loud and clear, "you were right, we are Jews and as such we are all ersatz Israelis, and therefore we are all culpable". Then they compound it by releasing the most chilling of statements, "Time for a response will come". Let's pray they don't come over all Old Testament about it.
Today's Charlie Hebdo cartoon caption comes with an apology implied and absolution built in. The caption 'Tout est pardonné' literally covers a multitude of sins (and not just the murders). ALL is forgiven, including any offence caused. It is a self-aware, gracious and courageous response. Let's hope the Jewish families can put aside their reported fury and rise to something similar. Or God help us all.