Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Downing Street launches the logo for National Citizen Service

Oh dear, some bright spark appears to have rather conflated Constructivism as a learning theory with Constructivism, the art movement.

Is it really possible that a Tory led government is seeking to flavour a flagship policy with the art of the Revolution as conceived by The Commissariat of Enlightenment, the Bolshevik government's cultural and educational ministry?

However Constructivism did have a great deal of effect on developments in the art of the Weimar Republic. And as the Weimar Republic is chiefly associated in our minds with hyperinflation, the choice might prove eerily prescient.


  1. Oh, the irony! Those who always go on about "wasting taxpayers money" may well have paid thousands for a graphic designer to come up with this.

    If Labour had done something like this one can only imagine what the right would have said!

  2. I have no doubt that a good few shekels woz paid!

  3. Rubles! What am I thinking! oy vay!

  4. Shy, Labour did and so did many councils...and look at the Lisa "head" for the Olympics. That doesn't make this one right though, or worth the money.

  5. This sort of thing has been going on for many years: my first recollection was in the early eighties when ICI paid a stonking wodge of cash for what amounted to a fairly minor amendment of their famous logo. Lots of organisations have fallen for it over the years, both public and private.

    There's a local company called The Logo Shed that seems untainted by all this business.