Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jacqueline Howett butters up reviewer - not!

A fairly anodyne 2 star book review of The Greek Seaman on BigAl's Books and Pals has sent the author, Jacqueline Howett apoplectic. It is a really quite astonishing display of how not to treat one's reviewer. And it's absolutely delusionally hilarious!

She blames the reviewer for not downloading another clean one, accuses him of finding spelling and grammatical errors which are merely part of her English style, calls him a liar, a rat, a snake and repeatedly tells him to fuck off! Most of which is deliciously misspelt!

She invites him to hear her reading from it, so it must be alright:
"I see nothing wrong with it AL!

Take a look at the video of my voice reading it from the video link on smashwords."

What can I say? Priceless!


  1. well I'm gobsmacked! look what I posted earlier (admittedly a day after you!)

  2. Wow she even gives instructions that don't make sense. "Take a look at the video of my voice reading it."

    Shock and awe.