Thursday, August 04, 2011

Barclays Bank Jumps Ship in Ghost Town Newbury (to mix my metaphors)

My family received a sheaf of letters this morning from Barclays Bank, each one informing us that the two branches of Barclays Bank that are situated conveniently in N ewbury, one in the Market Square and one on Northbrook Street (our 'High Street'), are both to be closed pending a move to the white elephant that is the Park Way development.

At a stroke Barclays has just contributed to the death of this Town - TOP work chaps!

Now if Lloyds TSB (which is conveniently situated on Bridge Street at the pivotal spot where Market Place joins High Street) can assure me that they are staying put on the site of the old Globe Inn, they may have all my business.

Which is not inconsiderable since I have to pay shed loads of charges all the time!

Enjoy the music. Ghost Town by the Specials.

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