Monday, December 12, 2011

Sammy in the Sky

This is a book published this year in America by an American publisher, Candlewick Press; written by American writer, Barbara Walsh; and illustrated by an American artist, Jamie Wyeth - none of whom I know!

I found it on t'internet via a long and circuitous route looking at publishers of the kind of books with illustrations that I love. The author of Sammy in the Sky may well be a Pullizer prize winning journalist but since I haven't read it, it's the illustrations that sell it for me.

Wow! I mean wow!

So I looked up this Jamie Wyeth and found among many, a painting of his Labrador that had sold for $218,000, so perhaps I'm not such a bad judge!

There are many books that deal with loss and bereavement but very few that do it beautifully. So if it's as good as the illustrations, (and it's had some great reviews in the States), it will be an absolutely classic collectors item.

I LOVE this artist!

The book is on Amazon here, Sammy in the Sky.

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