Thursday, December 15, 2011

Triple Hares Painting Auction Closing Soon #Magick4Terri

The Charity Fundraiser for Terri Windling finishes today. Well actually the auction closes at 5pm PST, which by my reckoning is 1 o'clock tomorrow morning here in good old Blighty.

Bidding is up to $220, at the moment it appears to be going to someone in New Zealand, doesn't anyone in Britain want it?

EDIT: Terri says
"Charlie, your work is absolutely beautiful. I'm honored by this lovely painting...and whoever buys it will surely be blessed. It's *gorgeous*."
EDIT: Painting sold for $300.


  1. Merry Christmas (late) and have a great New Year. This is the year you egt your book back :-)

    What was the winning bid? If I "had a home" to put it in I would have bid something but last time I looked it was about 200 dollars! Good!!

  2. It went for $300 - I was pleased with that particularly due to the august company of the others offering work for the auction!

    The buyer just emailed from New Zealand to say it arrived safely.

    Where are you now then?

  3. Back in UK for at least a few more months (if I can stand it!)

    happy New Year and I'll let you know BEFORE I pop in :-)

  4. I should have invited you for New Years Eve! What a plonker! But I imagine you were busy with family. Are you working from the UK or just on hols. I get up to London quite frequently we could meet for lunch or summat... if that's more convenient location - wise.

  5. In London for airport mostly but still convenient. Back for work (doing the same thing but changed to a UK company in the autumn)

  6. Charlie, you are a brilliant artist! I adore your hare painting! I would love to see other works, if you have them in an online album somewhere:) I love hares also:) they travel betwixt and between and are so magical, besides being cutie patooties! lol! big hugs, Leslie xx

  7. Charlie, I think we need to talk about this image.