Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Cnut's Day

My family tradition has always been to take the tree down on Twelfth Night, to have eaten up all the goodies and be pretty much wassailed-out by now. But I've just learned from Dr Mike Williams that today is Tjugondag jul in Sweden and Finland, a traditional twentieth night celebration when the festive tree is taken down and all the remaining food eaten. (I guess it all keeps well there where it's a bit nippy).

Apparently it is also the day when people dressed as goats visit houses and demand food and drink from the residents. In English, the day is St Cnut’s Day, after the Danish Viking King, and an old aphorism had it that evil Cnut took Christmas away at Tjugondag jul.

I think Cnut's Day needs considerably greater exposure in this country. What a great opportunity to dress up as a Womble from the dark side! Bring it on!


  1. Does one need an excuse to dress up as a Womble? Caught an interesting TV programme this week about Cnut's wife and manuscripts

  2. You're right Sarah, no excuse needed - just opportunity! Programme sounds interesting, which wife though, Elgiva or Elthelred's widow Emma?