Saturday, January 14, 2012

My stuff...

I have no idea why I am always so slow to work on my own online presence. I dare say it's the perennial  fear of the confirmed shape-shifter of making a definitive statement, in case I change my mind...

Anyway today I thought I had better remove the rather lame image of our Christmas bookcase as my twitter background and actually make something specifically. It was looking daft in mid-January.

So, even though I have mountains of more important stuff to do, I photographed a little still life of some of my belongings on my phone. The converging of technology means that my shiny new smart phone takes better pictures than my camera. Then I cut out the background in Photoshop.

Quite pleased with it really, but it doesn't exactly say digital era though, does it? Still can't have everything!

Now I suppose I should apply the same sort of thing to my blog... Meh! Later!


  1. That's a nice response Stephanie I was hoping it wouldn't come across as grim! :)

  2. It looks lusciously historical! That is what I am doing with my house over time. I love it.