Saturday, January 21, 2012

'It's All Relative' Exhibition - New Greenham Arts

My friend Suzie Bishop is having an Exhibition at New Greenham Arts, entitled 'It's All Relative'. The title reflects the family relationship between the exhibitors: Suzie herself, her mother and step-father Kate and Peter Tullett and her daughter Jessica Bishop. It is an attempt to  blur the distinction between art and craft, with work from the generations of one family.

New Greenham Arts is managed by the Corn Exchange and it is a nice venue with performance, exhibition  and workshop / studio space up at the old Greenham Common base. But it's out of town so I wonder about how much exposure artists are realistically likely to get for shows timed outside of the Spring Festival window. I've been up there again today with Suzie while they've been setting up and it's great fun to be involved.

Suzie is showing some sensitive watercolours which have an illustrative quality that particularly appeals to me, as well as a couple of bolder pieces which delight in the joyous use of exuberant colour.

'Secret Door' - Suzie Bishop

'Trees in the Mist' - Suzie Bishop

'Turkish Sunset' - Suzie Bishop 

Pete Tullett is working mainly in three dimensional forms many of which are wooden pieces using a technique called intarsia, a form of wood inlaying that is similar to marquetry. Forms are devised from recycled materials and wood discarded by traditional artisans.  He's also showing photography and the rather topical piece below, 'All In It Together'.

'All In It Together' - Pete Tullett
Kate Tullett works in watercolour and is also showing textiles and three dimensional wireforms.

'Time For Tea' - Kate Tullett
It's a lovely concept to have a whole family showing and it would great to hope that New Greenham Arts will pursue this theme for further inter-generational shows. 

'It's All Relative' runs from Wednesday 11th January 2012 – Thursday 29th March 2012 with a private view from 12 - 2pm on Sunday 12th February. 


  1. I like the look of 'All In It Together' and 'Secret Door' would intrigue me in a "Toms Midnight Garden" sort of way.

  2. a toilet by p tullett? surely a wind-up!

    Secret Door does it for me.

  3. Agreed both, 'Secret Door' is the runaway winner!

    (Oh for heaven's sake Span!)